Idea of the day

September 22, 2007

Found this on a chat:

If you’ve emotions but don’t have craft, people won’t get you If you’ve craft but don’t have emotions, people won’t care

Here you go. Think abut this when learning how to write a song.


Don’t Be TOO Literal

August 26, 2007

First thing first, in most cases you have not to be literate about things in your songs.

A friend of mine once posted me this example from the internet:

Bad writing – “I won’t ever get over you”
Better writing – “Getting over you might knock me down”
Good writing – “I’ll be dead before I push you out of my life”

This might not illustrate it perfectly. But you should understand it.

So, again – don’t be to literal…

Getting ideas is the first step. Now, there are many many ways and I will tell you quite a few of them, actually. I’ll tell you one that I have come up with. But I think it’s one of the best ones to start with, and I wish I had it before. The tip is…

Copycat some other song. Remember, you won’t have to make the song public… you are just learning. So, here is what you do… You listen to some podcast, some radio, some audio CD, whatever. Then you find a song you find interesting.

Then the thinking process begings. I call this the 4-question process. You try to answer these 4 questions: What do you like about it? What do you hate about it? Why? How could you improve it? That’s the main 4 questions and you should answer them now. Once you have the answers, just try rewriting the song and improving it.

If you feel kind of out of ideas doing that, get back to the song. Answer some more questions. They are like:

Does the song capture a mood? Are the lyrics unique? Does it tell a story? Why, how, and how to improve it? You should consider these and try to fix them.

Do this for a couple of songs. If you feel you can’t do this and are out of ideas for a particular, just stop it, head over to another song. When you have done a few, it’s okay.

This simple exercise can make a HUGE difference. Just try it and report the results.

How To Write A Song

August 18, 2007

This is very very simple but it is crucial. There is no other better way I know of to begin writing song once YOU got your idea. So, this is targeted for people who have an idea.

First of all, if you don’t have an idea yet, you might want to get it. We will address that in a subsequent post. If you have the idea and you want to write a song from scratch – this is the way to go.

The is no magic to it – just do it. Sit down, relax, get a pen and a paper and write everything that comes to your mind. And I mean it. Everything. Doesn’t matter what it is. Doesn’t matter if it rhymes or not. Nothing matters. Keep it to yourself. Write it. Write it . Write it. Don’t edit, just write. If you come up with a good way to edit it, just write in a new line. Remember, it’s your draft. The editing will come after it.

It’s called the brainstorming process. There is no better way to do it. There are tips to make it a bit more efficient and we will talk about them later. Remember, no matter how simple it sounds, it is the way to go. Many people still don’t get it. This is an absolute ground-stone for every song and this is the tip that a whole book could be written about. Having read this, it will be a huge time-saver for you. Just do it. And you’ll be on your way learning how to write a song in no time.